workout workouts diet and weight loss programs -Best Personal Trainer in the World

workout workouts diet and weight loss programs -Best Personal Trainer in the World. Best Online workouts and diet programs. -Best Personal Trainer in the World – Online workout programs Recent article claims Victor Costa is one of Best Trainers in the World.


#1 clborg88

This is an awesome statement and I feel part of the basics of success in really all facets of life. Do your best, period. Don’t do better than so and so, just do your best. Trust me when you start doing this you will get looks of both admiration and envy.

#2 vicsnatural

Thanks and I like your split- we just have to make sure you are getting enough rest between workouts. Peace, Vic

#3 pawneerep2010

hey i couldnt agree more vic.” Give me strength not to best my brother but to best myself”-Native american proverb.
I have been checkin out all your uploaded work out videios, and they have helped me with technique and style. I was just wondering-
I do full body workout one day,
rest the next day,
chest tri and shoulder the next,
back bi and forearm next,
legs and abs next,
then rest and start it over. With the addition of cardio every workout day. This a good regime?Thanx,brandon

#4 vicsnatural

I like people to get it in where they can- I actually would prefer that it gets done on the off days- however, that’s kind of impossible because that means you never truly get an off day- and you actually need that for your body as well as your mind. so I advise doing it- but you need to make what works for you time wise. Peace, Vic

#5 davidetre

hi Vic, Im watching your dvds right now! …just one question: when you say to do cardio about 4 times per week, do you mean before the weight training or another part of the day. I heard that to do cardio the same day of the weight training doesn’t help the muscles to grow….is that true? thank you.

#6 ertje2004

Great explaining , your total right.

#7 russianpride415

Wise words about being as good as u can be. I would never trade places with anybody, their money and body may be bigger than yours, but their soul and spirit could be small.

#8 constillustrus

i love this post.some are overachievers,and they don’t let themselves rest in order to recover,this leads them to injury,

#9 brownindc

well said, bro… well said! too often these aspects are severely overlooked. one should inspire to use physical fitness endeavors as a way to connect with moment to moment experience. nothing else puts you squarely in front of aspects of yourself that you would rather not deal with – insecurities and such… again, thanks man and keep up the good work!

#10 sohbenji87

thanks vic, you are an inspiration.
will work hard.
i am currently working hard on my abdomen building abs and also on my triceps and biceps.
do you think it is okay if i do light training once every 2 days?
i am not into body building or anything, i just want to stay in shape and look good. currently taking some protein supplements too.
and i seem to have a very2 hard time training the chest area, any advice?

#11 doddoso

positive love energy + bodybuilding. THAT’S A GOOD SPEECH!

#12 spanish1011

well said :) Vic

#13 maribeltst

I’m gonna do that today but it’s soo true at the gym I go to I see lots of people i have seen for years. Some have progressed and some have not but keep going… It is almost like an extended family!!

#14 MaratSafinVideos

Love your videos, Vic. You’re absolutely superb in fact. Too many people going around gyms with absolutely terrible technique.

You look really different in these videos, by the way, I wouldn’t have recognised you. I remember all the Bob Saget comments in the other videos. You need to go back to that look!

#15 vicsnatural

too much bro- arms once per week- for a bball star who my guess is 24 years old. If you want to train twice per week- how bout Monday -Friday? Vic

#16 vicsnatural

Dude- congratulations. Showing up is an accomplishment-it takes courage-to stand there- just be man-enjoy your time. We each have different histories, genetics, starting and stopping points, disappointments, illnesses, life events, etc..Proud to know you man- have fun, meet some new people and enjoy the experience. Like I said, it’s an accomplishment just showing up. Be who you are. Shine your light- outcome doesn’t matter-only your perspective counts. Peace, Vic

#17 Bballstar024

hey vic, i was just wondering. if i want bigger arms quick.Is it ok to work out my arms every second day?
For example
Monday- arms, tuesday – chest, wednesday- arms.
i am also taking some protein.
is there any supplement you can recommend that can help me get bigger quicker?

#18 jobberinnyc

Thanks so much for this Vic. I’m entering my first contest in a few weeks (a 40th birthday challenge to myself) and I’m going to be a lot smaller than most guys there and so I watch this video a lot for the inspiration. I get caught up in comparisons a lot, so, thank you for reminding me the only one I have to beat is the “me” that was around yesterday. Seriously, man: thank you.

#19 vicsnatural

Wish I could help you – but I don’t know. Vic

#20 london1817

That was very inspiring! Thanks very much Vic.

#21 Gorillabeach1

Magic proportions !

#22 vicsnatural

Soon ma, thanks Vic

#23 domGster

although some people might have diferant mind states if u listen to this guy you will go far with gains. What this guy has explained purely from practical relates purely in theory , A combination that is hard to achive. Beleave it or not but what this guy sed is an idiot proof guide to gains , all thats needed is the will power… peace to all those biggin up tha chest , bless

#24 johnnybass33

great advise

#25 rajadrago

hey bro ur videos are awsome ,when are we gona see some diet plans nutritional advice ? thanx

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