Workout question abs and push-ups?

Alright let me first off describe my body type. I am a Eighteen year old young man, I am 6 feet tall and around 160 pounds. It appears in the mirror that I have no fat around the belly and that I have a thin build all over. My question is if I keep doing the 7 minute abs workout, here’s the link to the workout and I do 30 push ups 3 times will and when I start to see results? Is this enough to get stronger bigger arms and some abs. Please let me know. Thanks


#1 Jane

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#2 mr_zzyzx

about a 6 weeks.

#3 Don M

The other answerer who wasn’t selling crap has the right idea… yes, about six weeks. But you should up the push ups as soon as they get a little easier, because results come from maintaining a level of effort, not a particular number of reps.

If you’re that age and weight you’ve got a good start. However, you can do better. Make your workout longer and dare to work up a sweat for a full hour if you can find the time.

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