Working On My Tummy

Back cuz of so many requests my exercises on workout bar


#1 guitarangelboykyle

i wan try thas wen we kum 2 ur howse big brother love kyle jus hold me up 2 it gud

#2 lonewolf13scott

I’d do that but I don’t think my door way would hold up. For that matter the house wouldnt either

#3 crabsinpants

no way in the world i could ever do that. great vid

#4 razorboyy99

Love the bod, next time do it in shorts to so we can see more

#5 Mr100asd

Cast off already Taylor!!! Getting stronger.Keep up the good work…. Glenn

#6 JayRickey

I need one of those door bars… cool vid

#7 razorboyy99

@KodyBoi14 yes he does, mmmmmmmmm

#8 KodyBoi14

You got a nice tummy:)

#9 tayloryoyo14

Little android boy, haha

#10 treukon1

This Video is Cool,Super Music………Greeting treukon1;-)

#11 razorboyy99

Take the shirt of all the way! HOT

#12 razorboyy99

Take the shirt of all the way! HOT

#13 MrWaterwatcher

Is your cast off already? Cool video by the way.

#14 racerfriends

Very cool video of you my friend!
Cool video and you are cool, ha ha :)

#15 skater664life

aw man you make that look so easy lol!! if i did that the bar would bust right off the wall LOL!!

#16 bambamslamslam90

great workout and music choice Tay

#17 Rutskater

@maintoc back in winter like 5 months ago i think before i busted my arm, lol

#18 4fulsealteam

CoOoOoL song & excellent work out—I power-walk one hour every day!!! C YA & Have a grreeaat summer my friend!
Love: Aunt Rockin Robin Rox…

#19 maintoc

@maintoc Or how long ago was this vid made, please?

#20 maintoc

Taylor, you never fail to impress! Nice going, Android Boy. :) ~ I guess this means your healed from whatever you broke last time?

#21 xXdeadartistXx

things 2 do when there is no xboxlive lol i get it lil buddy…

#22 xXdeadartistXx

@razorboyy99 WTF!! lol PERVS

#23 loboboy5113

Awsome Tay!

#24 razorboyy99

You got one nice body, next time take your shirt all the way off so we can see those perfect boy ab’s

#25 VivaceExpressivo

dude that was awesome, you rock!

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