woman abs workout does this work?

does the excersize mountain climbers work..?
will it help shread fat..
if i do it along with….leg lifts,crunches,push ups, and planks…?
comment plz..
if this isnt a good workout cobo tell me what is, btw i cnt run it hurts my ancles.


#1 Isabella Swann

yes it will help burn fat.

doing it along with all those exercises will surely be REALLY good for abs. keep it up and don’t give up!

#2 David C

I’m not sure what the mountain climbers are…I’m not sure that the Academy of Sports Medicine could tell you. Stick with the leg lifts, crunches and add a few oblique exercises. You can forget the push ups helping your abs. They work the chest, shoulders, back and triceps.

#3 Diamondbella

Mountain climber works and burns calories.You shpould be combining cardio and toning. this is a good workout follow it with healthy eatting

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