Will this workout help my tone up and lose weight?

20 minutes of intensive cardio, butt and abs workouts and I would do it twice a day so really 40 mins a day and I would do it 6 days a week. If I eat grapevine will it at least help me tone up? Thanks :)
Hahahahaha it not meant to say grapevine it’s meant to say healthy. Sorry
Oh! And how long do you think it would take to see a difference?

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#1 joshh

Yeah it will, but you will probably overtrain and be putting lots of stress on your body. Do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. You should also do weight training (don’t worry you won’t get big if you’r a woman), and try to do 10-15 reps with your sets. THAT and eat clean and healthy and drink LOTS of water, you’ll look good in time, don’t rush it. Oh! and i would suggest Monday, Wednesday, Friday you do cardio in the morning and Tuesday and Thursday you do resistance training whenever those days, than take the weekends off. Also, every couple months you should take a whole week off to let your body repair fully. That my advice, do whatever you wanna do lol.

Oh and you should do those to either 20-30 minutes. To see results it really depends on your genetics, metablism, how hard you train, how clean you eat and calorie intake (don’t starve yourself!). But it shouldn’t take too long :) Goodluck!

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