will there be more risk of developing a big belly if we workout the Abs for a short time and then leave?

or will it grow as normally like before depending on the diet we take……………???????????????????????????


#1 ssurinder786

actually yes. when u work out there are muscle building abs in your stomach. and when u don’t work out, i mean you stop it for 1-2 month, that muscle just turn into fat and you get big belly. so just keep doing abs

#2 Kate

yeah. I went through a phase where I was doing about 500 crunches a night and my stomach really tightened up. I stopped suddenly becasue I got bored with it and those muscles disappeared. I definitely didn’t gain any visible weight at all, but I could definitely tell. Crunches also make you look less soft when your stomach is full. But you’ll never get a ‘big belly’ if thats all you stop doing. You would have to start eating a lot worse to do that.

#3 len g

Workouts aren’t something from which you can take off for a long period of time. Once you start you must commit for life. watching your diet is good but exercise is key.

#4 neoma

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