Will my workout routine show me results, especially for getting good abs?

If i run 3 miles five times a week (this isnt too tiring for me, its just really hot where i am), lift weights everyday, and also do core everyday (usually like 120+ crunches, 2 minutes of flutter kicks, and 2 minutes of plank) will i see good results? I am 16 years old, im in pretty good shape (I have had a four pack for awhile) i eat well and im now paying even more attention to what i eat.

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#1 Apollenaire

With what you describe you can be pretty sure of having good, even great abs. Whether they show depends on your body fat percentage which has to be around 10% or the fat will cover the muscles so that you can’t see the definition. More important than running 3 miles is running for 30 minutes. Take a day off a week from lifting weights and work the same muscles two days in a row. Finally, to get a greater fat burning effect from your weight lifting, reduce the rest between sets. Good luck!

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