Will I lose my abs if I were to drink weight gainers after my workouts?

I work out every day and was woundering if I should take a weight gainer. I weigh 130 pounds. Though I do not workout my abs that much anymore will I lose them behind fat if I were to drink the weight gainers? If so, can I work out my abs just as hard as the rest of my body and be able to not lose them from the weight gainer? Thanks


#1 Doug P

it depends on how much you drink, and by “weight gainers” do you mean protien shakes? if so then no, they only make the muscles heal quicker so you can work out harder and more often

#2 JBrown

If you only weigh 130 who cares about your abs right now you need to gain weight. It sounds like you are not eating enough and weight gainer will help you get extra calories. Just make sure the weight gainer doesn’t contain a lot of sugar or saturated fat. You can also make you own protein shakes. Take a blender and put in protein powder, oatmeal (old fashioned not quick cooking), peanut butter, milk ( I use skim but use 2% or whole to get extra calories), banana or whatever fruit you like, flax seed oil, low fat plain yogurt, honey if you prefer it sweeter. You can adjust the ingredients to change the calories. And yes you can workout your abs just as hard as the rest of your body. The reason you can see them now is because you have a low % of body fat.

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