Why can’t you workout your abs everyday?

I’m trying to get tight flat abs. I’m a female, 15, and weigh 117 and im 5′7″ i play volleyball and workout like 5 days a week and im trying to get abs and people said you not supposed to work your abs everyday.
is that true?


#1 Hutchy

yeah u probly already heard this but u 18 lbs under average btw.
anyway, its not healthy cuz ur muscles dont get time to repair, rebuild, and recover.
it would be counterproductive and ud bemore likely to cause injury.

#2 Megan

You could damage or rip the muscles from working them too hard.

#3 billpardy77

because abs are a muscle just like other muscles and you shouldn’t work muscles everyday, they need time to heal. But abs are white muscle so you can work them 3 days a week if you want, but no more.

#4 Koziak

Muscles grow, repair and become stronger when resting. When you are working your muscles, you create micro tears. When resting, your body repair these tears, you get stronger and bigger muscles. If you work your abs everyday, your not giving them the time they need to grow, repair, and become stronger. At most you should work your abs only twice a week.

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