which workout helps you to make six pack and get rid of fat around your abs?

i have fat around my abs and i couldn’t get rid of it.. and i don’t have six pack.. how can i make one?


#1 zach c.

Well to achieve a six pack you are going to have to devote a lot of time, a year at least.
You are going to want to do many crunches, sit-ups, planks, etc. But here is the trick. You are going to only want to do about 15-20 at a time.
New medical research is showing that doing more than that causes a lactic acid to buildup within your muscles, so when your abs rip (when your muscle builds), that lactic acid gets stored and converted by your body into something usable like fat.
Just doing ab workouts is not going to give you that 6 pack you want, you are also going to have to do some cardio workouts to get rid of the extra fat on top of your abdominals. Don’t worry, I go running everyday and it feels great. You really start to feel healthy. The fat will fall off in no time.
So what I do is 15-20 abs, pushups, 15-20 abs, pushups, and repeat that 4 times. I do 3 sets of those a day. Running, I do a lot of as well, and you just want to have a good diet in general.

I have been doing them for about 6 months, and I have defininion in my lower and upper abs. My sides and center abs have a little bit to go, but other than that I am good.

#2 catfire

my brother showed me a kick ass crunch that gave me a 6pak in no time. i just lay on my back holding the back of the sofa or something like that.i left my legs the lower them till there almost to the ground then left then again repeating (feet never touching the floor). i started out slow with 2 reps of 20 then upped them slowly.. i was up to 5 reps of 20.. gave me a nice flat tummy.it also helped when i held my brothers ankles and he would push my legs till they almost hit the floor then repeat…an awesome work out..

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