When workout out abs no burn?!?!?

I cant seem to be able to get my abdominal muscles to burn when ever i do any workout. I know im working them because when i flex my abs in the mirror i can see a faint pack. But recently I feel like the workouts are doing nothing for my abs. What workouts can i do which will kill my gut?

And no i dont need to loose weight, im 15, weigh 120 and i’m 5″7

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#1 Sir Psycho Sexy

I have your answer. Use weights. Do leg pull abs, but grab a 20lb dumbell with your feet. If you have a membership at a gym, they have awsome ab machines, where you can add up to 150 lbs to your ab crunches. You’ll be on fire!

Also, try doing pull-ups, and pulling your knees up to your chest when your at the top of each rep.

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