When I do crunches to work out (I do 100 a day) it didn’t feel like my abs are getting a workout, what’s wrong?

I work out but I only feel pain in my stomach, not in my abs at all. What am I doing wrong!


#1 chris is confused as shit

maybe they’re becoming too easy, your body is becoming used to that excersize.
start doing leg lifts, reverse crunches, and weighted crunches.
just need more resistance.

#2 Tarra

if you only do One exersise (even a lot), your condition ONE area of your muscles. Abs are 3 seperate muscle groups. You need to spice up your program and challenge yourself.

Instead of working “abs”, work CORE. Core is key. Core is the foundation of everything in fitness!

Try bicycles, and bridge and/or side planks. There are lots and lots of core exersises to choose from. Pick a dozen you like, and rotate in three of them every other day. (daily ab’s is actually counter-productive if your truely working it). But mix it up.

#3 R

You are likely doing the crunches wrong. Plus, you don’t need to do 100 crunches a day, every day, even if you’re doing them right. Vary your ab exercises a bit (Plank, Oblique twist, bicycle, back extensions, standing exercises) and work them only three to four times a week with rest days in between.

#4 summer<33

Well, you should add 20 minutes of cardio. This is key in getting great abs. Also, try different types of crunches like oblique and bicycle crunches. Add a few leg lifts too.

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