Whats the best workout for my lower abs?

link to videos or pictures would help but if not its the quality that counts!
i want to focus mainly on my lower abdominals


#1 David Belle|David Belle

Ab Air Bike


go to youtube and look up ab workouts etc

but do crunches on a table or w/e
and get a full extension to your
whole core by leaning all the
way back then your abs will ache!

#3 daredevil4774

There are various exercises you can do. When I was younger it was just always crunches. Now I found out a great way to tone my muscles. All I do is simply flex them, especially during work, school, bus rides, etc. I don’t mean go around flexing your muscles and looking like an idiot, but you can easily flex your stomach muscles without anyone realizing. I haven’t had to do many stomach exercises ever since I started doing this, and the muscles are keeping their tone. I have been doing it for a number of years, so now I flex without even realizing. It is quite beneficial for those occasions that you can’t work out. Just the same, when performing daily activities while flexing your stomach and other muscles you can workout muscles that most exercise regimes otherwise miss.

#4 Bella G

leg lifts- work all abs:) but especially lower

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