What’s the best way to develop abs/work off belly fat without any workout machines?


#1 appygirl

situps without using anything to hold feet.

#2 climbv10always

A common misconception people have is that they can just get rid of the fat on their stomach. You can not target fat in certain areas of your body.

Cardio is the answer you are looking for. Running, biking, swimming, etc… Any kind of cardio will help you burn fat. In doing this, you will be burning fat in all areas of your body, including the abdominal region.

As far as building abs…simple crunches or leg raises are good ways to develop the abdominal muscles. However, chances are that you already have developed abdominal muscles underneath the fat on your stomach. So by burning fat, you will eventually unveil these abs. It takes a very low body fat percentage to have abs that pop out like you see on body builders or models.

Your best bet is a cardio regiment combined with crunches and/or leg raises.


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#4 judahsma

Personally, I would recommend that you give either Rockin Body or Hip Hop Abs a try. You need to do both cardio and toning exercises to burn off fat. With the programs I mentioned, you do both at the same time. Even better, they are FUN and you will see results! I’m using them both, and I’ve lost 10 pounds and 13.5″ in the past month. If you have any specific questions about the programs, please feel free to contact me through my profile. Good luck!

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