What’s the best exercise or best way to get a good workout on your abs besides doing situps?


#1 Victoria S

running also if you buy something called the bean at a exersice store its really easy to get abs also something called red.

#2 Nurse Susan

Situps is the best way – even Pilates and yoga [ other exercise recommended for abs ] include situps.
Start slow, with arms across chest. You don’t need to sit all the way up – just enough to feel the muscles contract well.
Do three sets each of ten reps of situps, obliques, and crunches.
My son got a six pack from doing these in two months! [he is slim, though ].

#3 lilmama24

running, also kickboxing or any exercising similar to kickboxing. many of the moves engage both the abs and the upper and lower body as well so you get a little more bang for the buck. also when/ if you do squats always hold you stomach tight, breathe, but keep your abs flexed it will help tremendously. good luck!

#4 Rob B

I like bridging. Basically, it’s like a push up position but on your elbows. Hold it for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. Build yourself up to a minute.

Some variations include putting one ankle over the other so you only have 3 points of contact with the floor. Alternating left foot-right elbow and vice versa so you only have 2 points of contact with the ground. Also, putting a small exercise ball under your feet to really work your lateral and oblique muscles.

#5 cupcake

Try doing the plank,also getting a big excersise ball is fantastic,you may want to do some classes to get the most out of it but stability balls really do give your abs an increadable work out-press ups are also good for your tum so long as you do them right!

#6 sanjana

here are the best abs exercises to flatten your stomach and trim your waistline…

#7 Kert P

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#8 Jim N

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#9 lacrosseking

if you lay down on ur, back, lift up ur legs, cross ur arms, then just touch the opposite elbow to the opposite knee. u will feel it in ur abs within minutes.

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