Whats an advanced abs workout?

I started working my abs about 2 months ago gradually increasing my workout. Now I’m doing 4 sets of 30 crunches where I go up and hold the crunch for 2 min and then do another set. I take about a min break inbetween each set. I think I have reached a point where I either need to get a different workout, or add weight to my crunch. Any suggestions?
Wow I didn’t mean to say hold for 2 min, I meant to say hold for 2 seconds. Thx for the answers.


#1 deababygurl

sit upss

#2 Chris Hansen

Cream filled donuts make your abs pretty big. Oh wait that’s my tummy.

#3 sparkey

an advanced workout for abs is an intensive workout for thr abdominal area

#4 fit2bdad

I am sorry but that is BS. 4 sets of 30 where you hold for 2 minutes?
Each set would last you an hour.

As for going advanced. Do bridges, planks and Barbell rollouts. Also add weight to your crunches. Old schoo unanchored situps ares till great also.

#5 Insert funny name

Maybe you mean hold for 2 SEC?

Gorilla crunch from a chin bar.
Hovers (aka planks or pronated bridge) for the abdominus transversus. and side planks for the obliques. When you can hold a hover > a minute, put a weight on your back.

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