Whats a good workout to gain mussel and gain abs?

I dont have money to go to the gym so dont include gym suggestings.


#1 jo

muscle gain can come with any type of resistance training. there are basically two forms of upper body workout. the first is the “buff” workout, where you want to use heavy weights (80 percent of the total weight you can lift) and concentrate on 5-8 reps for 3-5 sets. this method can be used to train most upper body muscles, and will build large, bulky muscles. The other type of workout builds muscle endurance, meaning you muscles will be able to do more work, for longer amounts of time without becoming exhausted. muscle mass will be less, but this is what is called “runners” muslce, longer strands which can withstand more reps. For this kind of workout, focus on doing less weight and more reps (dudge for yourself based on how tired you get. you can always increase the reps and weigh and adjust the plan as you go along). as for the actual workouts, pushups are excellent if you dont have a home gym, dumbells, or a bench. the work the upper body arc (shoulders, triceps, pecs) and use the bicep as a synergist (it is not a focus of the excercise, but is worked a bit nonetheless). you can put on a backpack while doing pushups with books in it to make it harder, or you can put you feet on a raised surface to make it more challenging. additionally, spreading your hands apart will work your shoulders more, while putting your hands closer will work your triceps and pecs. for biceps, try doing pullups if possible, or take an everyday item, a suitcase and just do curls with it. for abs, do situps. hope this helps!

#2 Hard Liquor

Jo couldn’t have said it better, you can use a broomstick and milk gallon filled with water, backpacks, towels filled with rocks, etc. Push ups are the best, I do at least 300 through out the day, 50 at a time or til I burn. Set a routine up for yourself and eat healthy, doesnt mean expensive, but healthy, for breakfast try soy milk, oatmeal and egg whites, lunch could be a couple of cans of tuna, or chicken, and dinner can be some white rice and fresh veggies, snack on fruit, rasins, trailmix, when you get the munchies. You’ll doing great already just by asking. Running is good for lean muscle, endurance and will help show them abs.

#3 Maggi

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#4 hpnotiqgame

No no no…
The best way is by combining diet with sufficient exercise. Don’t focus on just your abs, as exercising in general will
indirectly impact the abdominal area…
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