What’s a good workout routine using the bender ball to work on your lower abs?

I received the video, but it was too easy for me. What’s something a little bit harder?


#1 mansionghost


#2 ?

10 situps
10 V-ups (Touch your hands to your toes, but crunch your body so that they meet midway in the air)
10 lemon squeezers (Position yourself sitting up, put hands at side, and move your torso back into a laying position while extending your legs straight ahead. Now just row your legs to a bend while crunching toward them w/ your torso, then go back to laying position. repeat process)
10 back hypers (lay on stomach, basically a reverse cruncher)
10 Leg lifts (Lay on back, lift straight legs to 45 degree angle, then bring back to ground)
30 seconds of bicycles (Lay on ground, and mimick a bicycle pedal motion w/ your legs)
10 side crunchers each side
10 regular crunchers
30 seconds of flutter kicks (Lay on back, keep both legs straight. Lift them up bairly, now alternate between raising each leg a little bit and brining it back down. This one is tought at first, but after a week it will be easy. Try to think of being a swimmer while doing this one)
10 kick ups (Lay down, bring knees up toward chest, then kick legs upward to become straight in the air.)
10 side double leg lifts (Hard to explain, basically lay on side, and lift both legs simultaneously as high as you can. Will feel weird at first)
10 Forward Rows (Way too hard to explain, google it)
10 Russian Twists (Google it)
10 Scissor Kicks (Lay on back, spread leags apart in air, bring them back to center with one leg above the other, then alternate to mimick a scissor kicking action)
Finish with a bridge for however long you think you can do it.

Once this routine becomes easy, don’t up the reps, just do the whole routine twice. (Left a few out for explanation’s sake)

Then also do your run at night. Cut excessive fat out of your diet, but you can have a little still.

Do it and you will have some abs.

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