What’s a good workout for the abs?

How can I work out the Lower Abs. I know crunches help upper abs, but what about lower abs. I am only 13 so I can’t do really hard things.


#1 Daviobo

Sit-ups and Crunches will both help the lower and upper abs and best of all you dont have to buy any equipment to do them

#2 Joey

I’m 13 too. My bodybuilder friend gave me a perfect workout to do. I’ve only did it 2 times and i already see improvement. And, by the way, crunches help all your abs. People say it doesnt help the lower abs because they dont see improvement on the lower abs. but thats only because thats were everybody stores their fat. If you need the workout,or have any other questions, just contact me at joeym98a@gmail.com.

#3 AppleButter

Do not do sit ups, they are a terrible exercise, risking lower back injury, hernias and they do not working muscle properly. Forget your abs, your 13, focus on your real health ( abs don’t mean a thing, other then to the brain washed masses thinking they are a special power or something) when inphysicallybeing healthy and phsyically strong is! The reason the diet industry focuses so much on abs, because they know for most people it’s a guarantee they will fail, and that means repeat business for the next line of garbage they come out with. Make being healthy a lifestyle, at 13, it’s simple, walking, biking, swimming, whatever you enjoy the most, and eating a sensible diet of wholesome foods. At 13, your still developing hormonally, so any extreme could damage you for life, but your going to want to be fit for most if not all of your life, so start out with that understanding, it’s not a one shot deal, your body will change greatly over the next few years, if all you work is abs, trust me, it will have been in total vain ( worthless). So be smart, go for the whole package, the long haul, you’ll wind up so much happier and healthier!

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