Whats A Good Workout For Abs, Or If You No A Website That Has A Video Of Ab Workouts Please Post?

I Need A Website For Ab Workouts That Will Get Good Abs


#1 Pink Princess

Crunches and sit ups always work well but I think Pilates is one of the best things for abs. Try it!

#2 urmysunshine

do scissors theyre like crunches but you life your legs up and ride them like a bicycle

#3 Zeph

There are tons of workouts for abs, but the best of the best is to get a routine for the whole week. Something like so:

Basic Workouts:

Whole Body Workout with emphasis on Abs:

An article that helped my brother get 6Pack in less than 4 weeks:
If you stick to this workout and cardio, you will get the six pack of your dreams, it works believe me.

Other than those it is a compromise between
Cardiovascular Training (Running, Jogging or Walking as they all work well for about 10 – 20 minutes daily, Interval Workouts work as well)
Muscle Building (Training your upper body and lower body to get stronger so you can lift more and over the course of days get the body you want)
Abs Exercises (Crunches, Sit-Ups, Oblique V Ups, Leg Raises, Reverse Crunches, Back Extensions, and Stand Up Crunches)

If you want more information or a full workout e-mail me and I can write up my workout that I used to do and still do to keep my brother and me in shape!

#4 DH

workout magazine websites like fitness, shape, and self usually have good workouts listed on their websites. You can download workouts too, although some they charge for.

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