Whats a good way to get you abs, chest, arms and calfs cut without all those workout machines?

I want to get my abs, arms, chest muscles, and calf muscles cut and strong. Whats a good way to do that? I dont have all that bowlfex stuff and wieghts, so whats a good way? If you can, please give me like i guess a schedule or how long i should do each exercise or how much.

ex: Push-ups-10

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#1 Justin L

u really need some weights to do anything significant.
abs- crunches-50 situps-50 3 x a week
arms -pull ups 4 sets of 10 3 times a week
chest-pushups 4 sets of 15 3 times a week also with your feet up(on chair or something) 4 sets of 8
legs- calf raises(on foot on ground step on to phone book or something with other and lift yourself up) 4 sets of 8 for both calves squats 4 sets of 8 preferably weighted

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