What is the best workout for your abs, setup are so bored and I’m not doing squats everyday?


#1 yum

read tips on some great ab workouts and more on this site

#2 Herman

Sorry man but situps are the ultimate way to produce stronger abs. However, running will help too – only because running burns body fat and that will help define your abs alot by cutting into them.

#3 Lexi

you could do the bicycle and the plank… those are both really good for the abs.

The Bicycle: Lay on your back and lift both legs to a 90 degree angle. As you lift your shoulder up (like in a regular crunch) bring on leg in towards your stomach. Do 15 rep on each leg to start out on

The Plank: Lay on your stomach. Lift your body up on your toes and arms. Your back should be completely straight. You should do this for about 30 seconds to start.

Picture of what the plank should look like: http://magazines.ivillage.com/goodhousek...

Picture of what the Bicycle should look like: http://exercise.about.com/library/graphi...

Good Luck!!!!!

Also, CARDIO!!!!! do atleast 30 minutes of this when you work on your abs. It will help a lot!

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