What is the best way to workout your somach abs.?


#1 R. Lee

While there is no one best way, I’d go for passing a medicine ball between your hands and feet while laying on the ground. Keep you arms outstretched and bring your upper body and legs close enough to pass the ball. It is also good with no ball at all. You can do it while turned to one side slightly to target the obliques.

#2 Handsome Devil

crunches. no lie. flex REALLY HARD when you do them. no need to 50. Do 30 but flex hard. and remember abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym- so your diet had better be CLEAN!

#3 jokabogojevic

I dunno how to spell it in English, but there r a lot of different workout stuff u can use. Search over the Internet.

#4 brooklyn_spider

You must really watch what you eat. Excersise is the biggest key. Leave those machines alone because based on the mechanics of your body, it can increase the size of your abdomen and not define your abs. Also, running helps because it burns fat and helps work out your back. Be sure to do something for your back as well. It nothing you can do to get quick results, but it must be a commitment.
Good fortune!

#5 moon dragon

I have gotten great abb workout exercises in my shaolin-do martial arts classes. They really hurt your abs after only a few seconds and they made mine real strong real fast, even though i didn’t practice regularly.

The exercises for the abs are part of a set called the i ching chings (change muscle/ tendon)

I can’t give good details in this small space, but you could find a shaolin-do school in your area and attend classes.

shaolin-do is a line of schools- across the country- owned by grandmaster sin kwang the. They are very inexpensive and have good instructors, as well as many weekly classes.

#6 stepss1

I like to find something to hang up side down on sit up towards the ceiling. Way to cram in a hard workout fast by adding in gravity and body weight. Hanging punching bags work – just wrap your legs around the top.
Also make sure you are working all the stomach muscles. Upper needs more of the sit up or crunches. Obliques – need the side to side. Lower – Legs coming into the stomach.

#7 Captain Boz

There are plenty of exercises for the abdominal muscles.

Maybe split the group into 3 parts, high, mid, and low.

High would be what are simply called crunches. No need to ad weights. At the gym you can eventually raise the incline.

Mid would be closer to sit-ups, and you can rotate on the up touching your opposing elbow to the knee, also working the obliques. Again, if you have access to a gym you can raise the angle of incline, but repetition is what will bring better results. 1000 repetitions per day is not hard to work up to.

The lower abdomen is exercised by raising the feet. (This is where ladies have a problem with the area they call the “pooch” aka lower abdomen) If you do this at home then just lay on the ground, grasp something solid, and raise the feet upward keeping the feet together. There are variations that you can do with a partner where he/she would throw your legs back down and you would raise them up as fast as possible to the left then to the right. At the gym you look for a bench called the Roman Chair.

Some other tools to help as you advance are the medicine ball, skipping rope, inversion boots and many more. Swimming is also an excellent exercise for the abdominal muscles.

#8 Chris

Do crunches holding a weight, pass a medicine ball from your feet to hands and also rotate sie to side with a medicine ball in your hands

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