what is the best gym workout program for beginners?

i am 34 y.o. and weighs 195lbs. height of 5′9″… i would like to focus on abs workout and reduce my current weight to 185lbs.


#1 Salvation09

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#2 Scaldy

You definitely won’t be able to see abs at 185. Maybe at around 160

#3 sandyshore

i’m 33 and just starting working out too. i’ve heard that the best and easiest workout for beginners who want to lose weight is running. it will make you lose weight all over and tone your tummy and leg muscles. try to do 5km first for each session and always remember to warm up and cool down for 5-10 mins. at least. you can also do crunches after for additional tummy toning. about 10 pulses and 10 sets (total of 100). good luck!

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