What is the best 30 min cardio workout that works mainly your abs?


#1 Stone

get a trampoline.. its the best cardio exercise.. yes, better than jogging on a treadmill…

#2 Matty

Treadmills are not good workouts, unless you are doing sprints and fast-paced short runs that have your heart rate skyrocketing. If you want a good hour workout, spin classes (stationary biking) are great for really making you sweat, and they’re great for fitness. If you wanna get a nice stomach, you need to lose the excess fat with cardio and working out, and do tons of ab workouts, at home or at the gym.

Also, pilates and yoga are really good too

#3 mcnnowak

I think that bicycle crunches work very well. Google it >.>

#4 martial artist

hip hop abs

#5 Hbtbww

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#6 Drew

The best way to loose weight on your belly, and everywhere else, is by doing a simple exertion/recovery program.

Get on a bike or a running track and do one minute relaxed effort. Approx: level 4 exertion.
Then do one minute of level 8 exertion.

That’s it. Do this five times and you should have your body burning fat, AFTER the workout, as a recovery fuel, rather than an energy fuel DURING your work out.

When you burn fat during your work out, your body realizes that it needs fat to do a long exertion workout. Therefore, it wants to get more fat on the body in preparation for the next workout session. That’s why they say restic your calories so that you don’t have the food to put on more weight. But that also puts your body into “dieters shock”. Combine the two and you’ll loose weight, until you stop. Besides that is now way to live.

If you do the later, “Fight Or Flight” (Exertion/Recovery), you are training your body to use fat as a recovery energy after, long after your done training. Calorie restrict meals, not daily calorie intake. Five to six small meals consisting of good quality protein, grains and as much vegetables that you want.

That should do it.

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