what is an quick way or quick workout to gain abs?

i am 5′4 and 120 lbs and i dont really want to LOSE much weight..losing the love handles would be nice lol and then i wanted to tone my abs so that at least something shows..i dont want them gross showing like too much but just a little toning :)


#1 harry

an quick way or quick workout to gain abs….i think that the below website will help you to find the right solution.

#2 medicine_man_rn

In order to see your abs you have to get rid of the fat that covers them.

aerobic exorcise will help and building muscle will burn fat faster also.

Use a weighted crunch because abs are a muscle just like any other and builds faster if you use weight to increase the strength of them.

#3 --mikeL--

sit ups and push ups will do..
have some exercise too..

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