What is a specific workout I can do to tone my LOWER abs?

I work out almost every day and only my upper abs are getting really cut. How do I get that little bulge under away??


#1 Matt

Lie on your back with your hands under your butt. Alternate exercises of straight leg toe raises, and then bringing your knees toward your chest.

#2 Robert B

More fat loss im afraid – theres no such thing as a lower ab exercise, it is a myth – see sources.

You can use exercises that involve your legs in the movement more than your upper torso, but it will still not isolate sections of the abs.

So, if you are working hard enough to have your upper abs showing, im afraid it will be either a low carb or low cal approach to get the rest showing, some people are predisposed to have upper abs show and the lower section hidden by even a small amount of fat. With that in mind, jsut be careful how mental you go with low carb or low cal, it could be a matter of hypertrophy of the abs by adding weight to the exercises as opposed to 6000 reps with no weight on it.

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