What is a quick work workout routine that doesn’t require any equipment that will get me abs by 2010?

I made a bet with my dad that i can get abs by the new year i know it is in short time but i really want to prove him wrong, he doesn’t think i can do it. So i was just wondering if anyone had any good exercises. Thanks:)


#1 Mae-Yael

Do abs exercises with a filled drink bottle in each hand. Fill up to the required weight (start low) and increase the fluid as your abs get stronger and go for larger bottles.
Good luck.

#2 OrCat

cardio for about 40-60 minuets a day to lose any access fat, (you really need to be around the 5-7%body fat mark to get some real definition.) stomach crushes, google search for images on this and sit-ups. try 10 sets of 25 spread through out the day – this will be painful for the first few days, but you’ll soon get used to it

jogging or a rowing machine would be my advice for the cardiology but if your out of shape try a bike to beginwith its less intence so aim for about 2 hours a day on that

oh, and one more thing…….


good luck

#3 иi¢σℓeттe

Crunches everyday!I had to do those in gym class YEARS ago and by the end I had amazing abs :) There are plenty of ways to get fast abs. Try looking up videos on Youtube! Most of these work outs only take about five or so minutes to do :) Yahoo! Health had an article about this not too long ago: http://health.yahoo.com/experts/healthieryou/5882/instant-ab-flatteners/

Good luck! :)

#4 Jeremy

Do cardio first for thirty minutes, (bike,walk or jog). Then you can do sets of crunches/ abs exercises.

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