What is a great workout that help you build abs?


#1 shorty

ab curls

#2 philena30

Kick boxing..

#3 psydi

Tummy crunches. Kinda like a sit up, but you put your feet up a little and don’t come up all the way. More reps on these than sit ups.
Don’t forget to work the external obliques (where some people get “love handles” on the tummy sides) by doing reps of twisting while you pull up during a crunch. Great for your back as well!

#4 Tbonesrexie

Firstly, cardiovascular exercize is crucial when attempting to “build your abs.” You must first decrease the layer fat in that area in order to see any real results.
Brisk walking, jogging, kickboxing etc. will help achieve that result.
Secondly, mix up your ab routine often…adds interest and will attack all areas of the abs. (obliques, upper and lower). Floor exercizes like crunches and leg lifts are good, but for maximum results invest in a stability and medicine ball. When used in conjuction with each other, you will undoubetedly notice suberb results…flat abs!!
And as always, cut out the fats and high calorie foods.
Happy exercizing!

#5 hollisterlamb11

its called CRUNCHES…..i learned it in phys. ed

#6 thepaladin38

Try 3 sets of 50-100 reps of crunches daily.


Why not just sit-ups from flat on the ground to fully seated, it’s more functional than the partial sit-up (crunches). No fancy equipment to buy just floor space, try to keep your feet on the ground throughout the exercise. If you do want to buy an aid I recomend the AbMat. About $30 and they will give you the skinny on real ab training. If you want to see your abs diet is the only way.

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