what is a great workout for lower abs?

ok i was told i need to start mi lower abs to start geting abs but top ones r ez to get he said so wat type of things should i do to get lower abs?


#1 J


#2 Amory

Try doing a regular crunch. But instead of having your legs bent like usual, lay them flat on the ground, fully extended and your ankles touching together.

#3 itimiii

let people punch u in the gut more often, that’ll toughen em’ up

#4 Hails!

Lay flat on the ground (back facing the ground) and with your legs straight together, raise them about 5 inches off the ground and hold for as long as you can, then lower them. Repeat as many times as you like.

You’ll for sure feel the effect of it!

#5 Kyle

By far the best exerise i have found for the lower abs is a pushup varient. Nomaly you place your hands at about shoulder level. try putting your hands 2-4 inches past the top of your head, and keep your body stiff as a board. By doing this, your increasing the span your supporting your bodyweight, and putting much more stress on the abs to keep your form. you should feel it mostly in the lower abs. If you find 20-30 reps of this to easy, try doing the same thing but with your feet on a couch.

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