What is a good workout routine to work on abs and get rid of love handles?


#1 isawithmyra

Plank series
on toes and elbows (or hands) hold your body as straight as possible facing the floor
on one elbow(or hand) and the side of your leg, with other hand in air, keep body straight as possible.

Get to point of holding these position 2 minutes each. Great for all over body strengthening and core conditioning. when you get to 2 minutes without too much trouble add in some weights.
Good Luck

#2 cheergurl

jog or run to first get the extra weight off then start doing sit-ups to work on the abs

#3 Ashleyy

any running or cardio workouts should help, but there’s such thing as spot toning. this means that trying to work on just one part of your body isn’t going to work. your going to need to lose weight all over to see any difference in these parts of your body. try eating 1200 calories split up equally throughout your day, and get a workout in daily. nothing too extreme, good luck!!

#4 AviB

Here is an article that will definitely help you out…




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