What is a good daily workout that i can use to get great abs,arms and chest muscles?

Basically what is a good daily routine that i can follow to get ripped fast? Like how many reps, sets etc. Some info to help answer this question is that i am 14 and thats about it. Thanks i will give out best answer.


#1 Henry

If you can do them, push-ups is the only way to strengthen all of those muscles at the same time. Start out with just a few of them and then increase as the days go by, Age 14 is a good age to start but you got to keep at it. The first few days you will be really sore so don’t overdo it.

#2 randomthought

These things don’t work:
-doing ab crunches every day
-running on a treadmill every day

Here is what you need to do:
-lower your body fat
-build up your muscles

These things will help:
-interval training 3 days per week on a elliptical or treadmill or stairmaster – 1 minute intense, followed by 1 minute slow, followed by 1 minute intense – keep alternating for 25 minutes
-whole body muscle building exercises – pushups, pullups, benchpress, squats – 3 days per week – for 25 minutes. Best for each exercise is 3 sets of 10. Keep adding weight until you can barely do the set
-8 glasses of water per day
-lots of green vegetables (salads, broccoli, spinach, etc)
-lots of fruit
-lower the starch and sugar. When you do have starch and sugar, try to only go with raw honey for sugar and whole grain bread and pasta for starch.
-fat burning foods like eggs, avocados, etc
-skip the sodas (diet and regular) and juices

Kind of boring but this works

#3 missdanabanana


#4 Happy

Free daily routines at http://www.simpleabs.com have done wonders for me. I follow his simpleabs six week routines everyday and he has some kool regular tips and tricks for exercising and dieting.

#5 Craig Mcpherson

The majority of questions I am asked on my website is how do I get ripped abs. Lots of young folk dream of a mean pack of abs and I give them the same answer.

To get ripped abs, 3 disciplines are needed, and you will have to have a grip on every one of them. You will never get a 6 pack through a strict diet but lousy exercise routine.

Complete details below

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