what are the best workout routines for the butt and abs?

My daughter is three and I still have a little flab on my stomach. What can I do to tighten it up? How can I get my butt to look more firm with a little lift?


#1 dork


#2 La_Belle_LadyR99

sit ups and leg ups… – minimum 30 each a day

#3 Kelly V


#4 brunettekeaton

Lay on your stomach, and hold yourself in a superman pose, with your legs and arms outstretched and off the ground. Pulse 15 times, 4 times a day!

#5 Brian

try the 6 min buns and abs video’s

#6 annie

ride a waverunner as much as possible

#7 lonelygirl

for your butt squads and lunges are the best , here’s a website that has exercises for free and demos that show you how to do it.
good luck

#8 fitman

Working out the whole body is a very effective way to do it. Here is a sample workout:

#9 blade.miami

Taebo Amped by Billy Blanks

There are 2 DVDs in the series that focus on the butt and abs called Rockin’ Buns and Rockin’ Abs

They are both awesome, each is 45 min or so and incorporates cardio and toning for those areas- i have noticed a difference in my butt and abs after using them =)

#10 James L

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