what are the best abs workout?

any suggestions?


#1 Kelsey

just regular crunches, try to use an exersice ball. It works all your muscles in your abs.

#2 Kim

I suggest looking up “8 Minute Abs” on YouTube. It’s a great workout!


to get great abs you have to hit the upper abs lower abs and obliques the same…..i would start off with one workout for each of those.

lower abs – hanging leg raises(try to stiffin your back and dont swing…..just do each rep slowly)
upper abs – crunches ( feet on a chair or bench)
obliques – weighted oblique bends ( hold a weight plate or dumbell in one hand and then bend to that side pause and go back to the starting position….do that with both sides

and do them in that order……starting with lower abs then upper then obliques.

#4 emily

i do 40 crunches then 100 jump rope in 5sets and in 1week it worked. also you need a healthy diet along with the exerise

#5 James Penn

Hey, I read the free report over at http://www.firmupyourabs.com and it outlines abdominal exercises, abdominal workouts and foods that you should eat to get firm and flat abs, it should answer your question

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