Weight Lifting/Training Exercises to Tone Arms, Workout Biceps, Triceps, Chest & Shoulder Muscles

Hi, in this video I show you how to build and tone your arm muscles, specifically, your biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders. Weightlifting with dumbbells is a wonderful way to strengthen and tone your arms; even works your core and back. Increasing your muscle tone also revs up your metabolism by increasing your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) so you’ll burn more calories even at rest. I hope you find this video helpful. Please subscribe because I have many more helpful videos to come on so many helpful topics. There’s something for everyone! Thanks for viewing :o ) For more helpful tips please visit me at my blogspot: www.youtips4u.blogspot.com To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here cgi.ebay.com


#1 Gonzilla96

very good video thank you

#2 YouTips4U

Hi, thanks so much for your terrific feedback. For more on why dumbbells are great, please go to my blog. I wrote an interesting piece analyzing using machines vs. dumbbells that I think you will find interesting.

#3 ThermoLife

Great video. Very insightful. People overestimate the power of a pair of dumbbells. It’s not always about the fancy machines and you do a great job showing exactly why.

#4 YouTips4U

Hi, start small, perhaps with walking. Try adding a bit more each day to build yourself up to higher levels of exercise. I also recommend that you have frequent healthy smaller meals throughout the day rather than 3 large ones.

#5 Hi5LOLA

i wish you were my trainer. you are so nice and encouraging :) good job!

#6 MrsBabyfat

Any advice for how I can get started at over 400lbs?

#7 huahahhh

This is really helpful, thank you!

#8 verti006

@YouTips4U Thanks…..I knew about the pushups…..but somehow can never do them properly.
Guess will just have to wait for my overall weight to come down :)

#9 YouTips4U

Hi, breasts are mostly fat tissue, so if you lose weight, you will reduce your breast size. To tone and lift them, weight training is great. Pushups are also very beneficial.

#10 fogo161

Thanks this was really helpful! Had no idea how to do it before!

#11 verti006

Any tips on how to tone down big boobs and even sagging boobs?

#12 7Christian

Excellent Video. Thank YOU!!!

#13 horselaverda

great video


i will try this :) . looks good.

#15 holdthedressing

Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been looking all morning at exercises for my arms on YouTube, and I’ve found your video to be the most helpful. You answered all of my questions. All the other videos are so short they are leaving out alot of information. Thank you! Can’t wait to get started.

#16 YouTips4U

Hi, each exercise should be done 3 times (3 sets) for a count of 12-15.

#17 tornadodude1609

lolz everybody likes the girl…. naughty naughty >:P

#18 mickyo5

hello just wanted to ask to be sure when u say do 3 reps, do u mean each excersise 3 times OR do u meant each of the excersise once therefor making 3 different excersices
just wanted to ask thanks

#19 YouTips4U

Hi, you should do 12-15 reps three times (3 sets). If you do not feel your muscle being worked by the 13-15 rep, then you need to increase the weight of your dumbbell.

#20 FreshMeat84

How many per rep do you recommend to start of with im struggling with doing 30 let alone doing it over again after a 60 second brake but i am feeling it so im worried if i do less than 30 a time i wont feel it

#21 YouTips4U

Hi, 3 times a week is ideal. If you can’t get three times a week in, you should do at least 2 times a week.

#22 xloverscode

If I’m a beginner, how many times a week should I do this workout? This was a wonderful video!

#23 zibran00

its adorable how you explain the triceps:) great vid! i likesssss^^

#24 innerchild9x

I will definitely try this, thanks!

#25 YouTips4U

Hi, thanks so much for your very kind words, and thank you for subscribing :o )

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