was this an apropriate workout and diet routine this morning? What should i do in the afternoon?

ok so
For my abs
breakfast-2 slices of brown wheat toast with butter

morning excercise- jump rope, jumping jacks jump squats, knee lifts for cardio for 30 mins
then ab toning on the floor the jv dallas abs workout section.

snack wheat crackers and cheese.

What should i eat for lunch and what afternoon excercises workouts should i do also and what should i eat for dinner?


#1 nikbethf

You want totry and eat a protein, fat and carb at every meal and snack on fruits and veg throughout the day. For example try having egg whites with peppers with your toast in the morning. If you omit the butter from the toast you can have the. Whole egg instead. For dinner try some rice and spinach cooked lightly in olive oil with some grilled chicken.

#2 Melissa K

Add a banana, apple, orange or even 250mL orange juice with you’re breakfast to get a serving of fruit in.
Also instead of butter use peanut- butter (much healthier which benefits.)

Workout’s sound great!

Snack sounds great aswell maybe add acouple grape tomatoe/ celery in there.
Lunch ideas could be a lean meat sandwhich on wholewheat wrap/ pita/ 2 slices whole wheat bread with cheese and 2-3 slices lean deli meat (turkey/ chicken/ roast beef/ ham) or white albacore tuna with vegetable condiments and a dressing- mustard, margerine or hummus.

Dinner should consist of 3-4oz of a lean grilled/ baked/ roasted meat (chicken/ turkey/ salmon/ pork tenderlion/ steak tenderlion/ etc ..) with 1/2 cup brown or long grain rice and 3/4 cup steamed vegetables in 2tsp margerine or olive oil or a side- salad with light dressing (or 1/2 cup canned vegetables)

Another idea could be 1 1/4 cup’s duram/ whole wheat pasta with 1/2 cup tomatoe sauce or herbed sauce with tbsp parmasean cheese and a small side salad with light dressing. (You can add extra grilled/ frozen/ fresh vegetables into you’re pasta along with a lean meat like shrimp/ sliced chicken breast.)

Hope i’v helped, best of luck!

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