Upper Chest UNLEASHED!! (1 Tip and 1 Exercise)

athleanx.com The upper chest could quite possibly be the most difficult area to train and get to respond. There have been plenty of workout tips and exercises to try and address this area, but they all continue to have guys looking for a better answer. It doesn’t have to be that way! The Upper Chest UNLEASHED video contains a single workout tip that you can implement into your very next chest workout that will show you just how to tweak the way you press the dumbbells to recruit even more upper chest fibers and get them to grow bigger and faster. The Exercise in here, as always with AthLEAN-X, is a unique and powerful compound exercise that trains the body the way it’s meant to be trained….together! Stop trying to build a bigger upper chest by simply doing the same old boring single joint exercises. Instead, incorporate movement and power into your movements, and tie in assisting muscle groups like the abs and shoulders and you’ll start to see growth that you never thought was possible! When you’re done trying this out and seeing what it can do for your upper chest development, then head to http to see just how an entire 90 day program full of effective exercises like these can completely reconstruct your body! It’s time to get AthLEAN!


#1 adamqd

Thanks for the tips Jeff, I’ve seen a massive increase in pump and Striations in my upper chest since watching this vid! keep up the good work :)

#2 jcarp179

brilliant camera man.
“you point your thumbs upward like this. . . . ”
Herp derp imma point dis here kameruh at his chest now derrrrrrr, i yam kameruh man!

#3 Lipsor

Perfect execution!

#4 TrojanMr31

Dang brother i love every video you have posted on youtube. Your workouts are freaking awesome! I’m broke or else i subscribe and purchase your program. You got new stuff i’ve never seen before! Great Job!

#5 tylergrahamdukes1213

Hey Jeff, I need some serious help with my only problem…..a unique way to target the upper chest very hard but with bodyweight. I have incline pushuped my self to death. Slow reps, fast reps, holding everything but nothing! is there a position i am overlooking? A way to position the hands? Please this is my only problem.

#6 MrWushuu

hey jeff ive got a quick question. I’m 15 and want to get a great athletic body ( my body at the moment is quite defined but not exactly “muscly” like you) so what I’m asking is is the 90 day program appropriate for me??? thanks ???

#7 fasy16

@Yolky08 It’s nine now lols

#8 BadBloodRain

Great Variation…

#9 johnny110291

what kind of dumbells are those,whats the weight on those and where do u get them?

#10 Yolky08

the 8 people who dislike must be fatt

#11 cshands08

hey jeff, got a question for you! I’ve asked around in blogs and about everywhere else. It seems to me that many guys have this same problem. I believe my chest is holding extra fat or could this be water weight? I’m working mostly on fat loss right now and I believe I am near 10-12% BF right now. Any suggestions as to a workout or something that could steer me in the right direction? Thanks!! Keep the vids comin!

#12 IdotQTube

how do we mix these new workout video’s into our current athlean-x program????? because my main target is my chest anyway???

#13 apeman939

@2009cjwest how tall are you? Do you know your body fat?

#14 2009cjwest

@JDCav24 hey jeff great videos! just 1 question im a fairly thin guy i weigh about 165 pounds. would i have to bulk up before i could get more ripped and lean?

#15 lasikspa

ignorant video person. can’t see the thumbs pointing up even though he mentioned it several times.

#16 aaus

He has the ULTIMATE PERFECT Body!!

#17 thatstheguy07

Im assuming your cameraman is your wife, so I know you cant fire her, but can you tell her to get the weights in the picture!! lol

#18 Zipemova1

Great Tip!!!!!!

#19 involuntaryeuphoria

Hey Jeff. Awesome videos you’ve got here man, congrats! ‘ve been glued for the past hour. One topic I haven’t found information on was muscles that grow unevenly. I’m working my chest as evenly as I can, but one side is growing faster than the other. Do you have any advice on training slower side of the chest?

#20 glitchystudios

Hey Jeff. You have a ton of great videos, but i have no idea when to do each workout. Could you reply with a workout schedule using your workouts? It would be much appreciated.

#21 2809920

hi jeff,will i see results doing these exercises without having drinking protein shakes?

#22 Rochey456

@JDCav24 Have you got any recomendations on what bench to buy? i have all the equipment apart from the bench.

#23 hotboyme

This is a good athletic exercise like he said if you want to train for stress relieve or back pain trying aerobic exercise.


@ctoney1992 yes you are right, back is so delicate part of our body and this way it can be easily hurt.

#25 smoothcollected

@JDCav24 hey Jeff Just started your program and didnt see in the upper/push where i would be working my upper chest and was wondering what will replace that

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