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#1 ramer1981

Awesome progress looking amazing

#2 register14

you have extremely beautiful face..your biceps look great..very sexy..you have wonderful body..thank you for sharing your progress

#3 TheCreatureHunter

You need more photos on your modeling profile. A big part of the photo is the pose and the visionary behind the shutter. Of course special women are needed not just anyone can make it work. I would not be surprised to see you in a widely known men’s magazine.

#4 fishy194

Flex your pecs please your gorgeous

#5 wheelmanzerox

@alizebueno hey i want to say thanks for the message you timing was perfect ( getting out of collage and summer brake) i have to say your a very sexy girl and (no i don’t have a muscle fetish muscle girls are better looking then super skinny girls) if you have any tips for arms and sholders let me know. i got to fix them cause i disclocated mine good luck with every thing

#6 OrphanPaper

@alizebueno not on a daily bacis. but yes

#7 alizebueno

@Pretoryan90 Its your opinion. I should have added that not only do I do it to measure progress, but to recieve constructive critisism along the way as well. It is hard for one to judge their own progress day in and day out without feedback. Thanks for yours.

#8 alizebueno

@OrphanPaper you been following my tweets huh? ;-)

#9 djw80158

Alize, damn you are SO FINE!!! how about calf raises-part 2? :)

#10 70Kastor

The most beautiful athlete!

#11 OrphanPaper

People don’t build walls around themselves to keep people out; they build them to see who cares enough to break them down…

#12 pudimdebanha

Forget This Guy
you beautiful many man like you and your videos :)
You not strange for me you more beautiful

#13 musicoingles

That was even more sexy than the previous videos. Keep going – you are making great progress with that body of yours!

#14 damuslvr

you look great..more vids :)

#15 joeipp98

Keep up the great work! Love the attitude good for you.

#16 Moeskops1977

I want armwrestle you! Maybe you win, maybe I…. ;-)

#17 bozkurt83

I want my money !!!!!!!!!

#18 twofour024

Any dude have negative comments about this girl is a freakin’ idiot and probably some skinny, web surfing bozo that is intimidated by a HOT looking, sexy girl with awesome muscles.
Alize…forget them…we need MORE vids !! Simply awesome and beautiful!!

#19 rorman13

She has an efficient combination of sassy, beautiful, and athletic.

#20 naples79

The video is great! I´m from Brazil and the videos (curling) was many sucess! I hope u continue making videos! U are pretty! Tchau (Bye)

#21 mrnevin007

you got nice tits

#22 Zenkka

admit it you guys you were only looking at the pretty face and the firm tits!!!!

#23 bmg456

you look so hot! Great progress. Would love to see another pec bounce too

#24 512krys


#25 brentz3

Absolute super woman!

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