Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout

Top Trainer Tracy Anderson previews her post-pregnancy workout. For more Exercise TV Workout Videos and Products, go to


#1 Nicolerulezlife

want to try and this might sound silly what color is ur it lol

#2 lavenderblue123

LOVE LOVE LOVE your work Tracy! You always make me sweat! Check out my website the program complements Tracy’s work perfectly and helps give you the energy to get through her tougher workouts!

#3 lizkin33

@Mr153025 what do you eat?

#4 Mr153025

hi, i’m from Kazakhstan and i don’t really know who Trasy is, but i’ve got one video with her workout. it’s hard to do but possible. i do it in two days, results astonished even myself, because i planned just to get a bit thinner, now i’m so thin and STRONG. my muscles and HIPS are ideal, no fat and quite slender. thanks.

#5 gizmoto1000 has a special post on post baby body

#6 dw9559

This isn’t available at netflix…crap, I may have to track it down and buy it!!!

#7 patty1815

so what kind of results did u get?

#8 lizzienoach

well u have to be super human and really strong to do most of it

#9 stormluvr4life

LOVE It! I havent even had a baby!

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