Tone Your Abs

Tighten your tummy and strengthen your core with this all-abs routine from trainer Joel Harper.


#1 JustCallMeHonda

Should you do this everyday? Twice a day? Every other day? I was really burning but I know I could do it again later in the day again if I should. Please respond! Thanks.

#2 dksoi

09:35 Dude Looks Like Hes Been Hit By A Car lol

#3 tugsnap

cool neck exercises!


#4 special1442

type in “give me 4 week abs” in the search box and click on the video with hearts in the title to learn how to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks.

#5 judoonjade

Does it work?

#6 joesoutham1

No such thing as toning.

#7 Moonstarrz

he has nice model legs. like girl model legs. i cannot wait to try this. summertime bod here i come!!

#8 sgarpia

a pair of red shorts is enough to say that he looks gay? I like the shorts… and he does well in the video. Thanks for uploading!

#9 RaeBae7

i was going to do this,but then i saw the guy doing the exercises and i started laughing to hard :/

#10 batmankid45

@lovepiinkbaby haha

#11 lovepiinkbaby

He looks so homosexial with those bunched up red shorts xD

#12 janemciver

I loved this workout…really hard and couldn’t keep up but going to stick with it until I do everything you do, Joel!

#13 janemciver

What a great workout!! couldn’t do it all but looking forward to the day that I can and I won’t give up until I do.

#14 wutangistruehiphop25

Really works! but no, it is not easy for me Joe, so stick with the easy ones please. no, no! none of that extra steps, it is not easy. I said no!

#15 mrpaker01

he didnt show his abs. lol

#16 arsnel366

i wish it was a girl

#17 aLeXxVd09

Only been doing this for 4 days and i can already see a big difference! come ooooooooooon :D

#18 hemank007

intense. nice.

#19 LeonMarcusZachary

why are ppl mentioning their ages as if it matters…?

#20 heelsoverhead101

damn cute booty shorts dude

#21 Rockena6

jeez I am unfit.

#22 Cornampoo

No such thing as toning. There’s only fat and muscle. You don’t build muscle by doing a thousand repetitions and you don’t burn much calories either.

Squat heavy!

#23 ilynickii

im thirteeen andd dayummmm thiss is hardd but at least i can feel that somethings working (:

#24 veza96


#25 finechrisbrown

his shorts ._.

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