The Taylor Lautner New Moon Workout Routine This is New Moon’s Taylor Lautner’s (The Werewolf named Jake) workout routine he used to get in shape for the film New Moon. This is a quick breakdown of one of his workouts as Taylor Lautner’s trainer had him switching up his workout routine regularly. Taylor went 40% heavier on the weightlifting than what he would normally lift, this allowed him to put on more muscle size. He also paid careful attention to his diet and the nutrition part should never be ignored at all. For the full workout details go to http


#1 Looneyboy123

@2xstas noooo, Taylor lifted bigg weights! Search up his workout you’ll see the weights he was pushing had to be super heavy!

#2 BlaringSnake40

What if i’m really skinny like lean ?

#3 Toolegittoquit49

@dacoolguy7 the rest of the world seems to think different

#4 DeafeningSilence93

@CLICKmyNAMEplease both

#5 thereecious

Taylor used a lot of compound exercises. What I mean by that is, he used exercises that would target two mucles at once, but still targetting one muscle the most. Example: A pullup does both the bicep and the back. A chest press does the Chest and the tricep, butmainly the chest.

#6 novaizergangster

the girl in da back ground is hot :D

#7 CLICKmyNAMEplease

@DeafeningSilence93 …in a good way or a bad way? o.O

#8 crazytoonbynature

@LidarDan15 ermm…sozz, typo in that, i meant wasnt, not was :L:L he did one hell of alot more exercises on this, just this was the one for his abs…nine months is a fair time, and no, he had a specially desogned diet, as did all the other guys who were in the wolf pack for new moon! and i know this, because i used to be totally obsessed with twilight. and do go at it like you know it all, cause you dont, and times have changed since the stone age. move with the times or you’ll get left behind

#9 xxCholin

christ, taylor lautners abs look absolutely retarded. It’s liket theyre deformed or something, looks hideous! idk why people think they’re so impressive. I’ve seen sooooo many with better abs, even me and one of my friends has better and we’ve only gone gym for 3 years.


@dacoolguy7 he has huge arms (shoulders,tricep and biceps) and traps..the only bad thing is his chest :p

#11 ProphetofGod

You forgot traps…..

#12 dacoolguy7

too bad the only impressive thing about taylor is his abs. errthing else sucks :P

#13 2xstas

he didnt lift weights, right?

#14 Nicksbia

@Silverado8722 i did martial arts for 6 years and it still took me 2 years to get ripped his secret was the way he ate

#15 jamaicalautner

@DeafeningSilence93 oh thats grose!! :P LAHH

#16 Looneyboy123

is this the full workout? or is this just for the abs?

#17 halofreak690

@Silverado8722 No just eat healthy/keep working out and you will have a six or 8 depending on how you workout/genetics pack in a couple mos

#18 ThePrinceOfParis

haha the ball wanted to work out beside you. awesome workout bro

#19 impalla202

@burleytrojans wtf your fucking wierd

#20 pepepecas1212

this is for abdomen?

#21 djdan151

@helltrim mate just do claps or alternate between claps and regular and explode on the way up and lower yourself down

#22 GSFCarlJ

@Silverado8722 So you would say that if I used to work out and I stopped then did it again. Not just referring to abs, but I would get the results faster than when I started out?

#23 helltrim

where get that rubberband thing u used for the push-ups

#24 ahdarshram

@LidarDan15 i agree

#25 iSharppShootax

quit acting like u guys know everything, eat right, workout consistantly and have patients

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