the best workout for abs (women) but i dont wanna lose weight in other areas!?

Im a 17 year young lady. 5 feet and about 115 pounds. I love my body especially my legs and butt. I dont want to lose my butt but i would love to tone my abs out to have a nice pack. what workout should i do? should i eat the same? and what workout at a gym should i do for my butt muscles. I currently enrolled at a gym


#1 Elysa

you can’t lose weight selectively.

#2 Ant Boog

Abs are built in the kitchen, as they say. So that means you need to revamp your eating habits. Be more structured.

At 115lbs, I’d recommend you eat like this: 1400 calories. More important than just “calories” is the CONTENT of those calories. So break down that 1400 like this: 550 from protein/550 from fats/300 from carbs.

This will help you lose body fat and build the muscle too. What we eat is always 80% of the answer or problem.

Do lunges and barbell squats for your bottom.

Good luck! Don’t underestimate your food intake. It’s the most important item when we want to change our body composition.

#3 Heather T

You cannot spot reduce. Your body will choose where and what you lose, not you.

#4 xlqt

I saw on television Beach Body has this product called HIP HOP ABS. They even make PX90. I went on the website and order the HIP HOP ABS DVD. It has only been 2 weeks and I can see my six pack coming through. My husband said I look like janet jackson abs. So if you are serious, I would go online buy the hip hop abs and you even get an online coach to talk to and answer questions. I hope this helps.

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