The Best Home Workout – Exercise Routine

Here is the perfect workout that woman can do at home. This can also be done by men. These workouts help the entire body and can be done in 30 min. If done properly you will see results within a few weeks. more strength, energy etc.


#1 Claire000001

@rpatzz369 well if you do like 15-20 reps on everything and not take many breaks, you should start to loose weight by 2 weeks. i’ve done this and some other ab workouts and i’ve got this line where my abs will come in that wasn’t there before :) btw, besides eating fruits, drink water mostly, and eat some lean meats like fish.

#2 SergioSource

wtf I was gnna say that looks like destorm after that bricks were shat

#3 p03ticuti3

Hey whats the name of the song in this vid its hot where can I get it?

#4 fitnesskid15

check out my at home workout video if you want another great workout in under 15 minutes!

#5 xpeacexlovexhugsx

she makes it look so easy;b

#6 TrishDiVina

definitely adding this workout to my diet! thanx!!

#7 blu3heartz

any body know a good one for ur back because i lost every thing but the back fat …please help !

#8 maryjoysanderson

she makes it look so effin easy O.o

#9 rpatzz369

i want to to lose 2 and a half stones.if i do this everyday and have fruit and green tea too will it work? and how long will it take ??

#10 MrsDenise83

great vid…i was only lookin to workout my abs and this was the second vid that came up…glad I clicked on it….very helpful

#11 Teachertube10

Respond to this video… nice workout, where i get the ball?

#12 Teachertube10

@KawaiPandaX3 i got a fat woman strugglin with weight

#13 VictoriaLynn2288

Thanks…love the workout adding it to my regular routine….I want Kelly’s body! You go girl!

#14 Claire000001

@Soraluver777 i know for the food i shouldn’t eat sugary stuff or bread or those packaged foods. i know i should eat lean meats…. but i don’t good examples of things to eat. i don’t know what type of ‘lean meats’ or ‘non-sugared’ foods to eat… do you know good examples? i’ve been doing alot of the exercises but not much of the foods…

#15 TheElvesblood

Anyone else here a guy that’s doing this workout?

#16 iyanuonibs

man i am feeling it

#17 Katrina0315

Thank you. This was great, feels like I just worked my every muscle.

#18 deeefg4894

I feel so stupid exercising lmfao, but this actually makes me wanna do it. Yay!

#19 TheMidnightEquinox

I like you guys…you’re encouraging and fun to watch. I actually WANT to work out with you XD :D

#20 TheViliukas


#21 Soraluver777

@Claire000001 well exercising is only half the battle, you gotta eat right too and get good sleep. one week really isnt that long even the pro workouts only promise results by 28 days,

#22 saj7788


5 or 6 times a week i usually take one or two off days

#23 saj7788


yep i added in running a bit beforehand and some crunches but that’s it

#24 nicolejstarr2011

ima try this it seems like a easy and good workout

#25 PromiseOx

@saj7788 how many times to you do it a week? i really want to try this!

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