The best abs workout?

Can you tell me the best abs workout on youtube?
quick, and easy. not using any equipment.


#1 Alex B

instead of youtube,try woman named kate shows how to do a proper crunch,legraise,and other abdominal exercises.besides,youtube has too many false videos saying “do this for 2 minutes a day for a week and lose 10 pounds.if it sounds impossible,then it probably is.

#2 Duyen L

lay down front facing up. lift your 2 legs up making a abotuse angle on your body. hold it for 1 minute
yes it burns
and it works !

#3 Iya

I’ve found a ton of abs-torching, fat-burning options online, including YouTube. But I think you might really dig Women’s Health magazine’s website. I’ve found endless no-machines-required workouts that are tough enough to give you great results fast, but not so tough that they’re unapproachable. And they all include a pictures and rep/set info. Here are a few to give you the jump.

Flatten those abs with 1) seated crunches, 2) side bends, 3) squats, and 4) back extensions. You’ll feel th burn! But you’ll enjoy seeing your abs shape as the days progress. Bonus: The squats and extensions are a triple threat because they simultaneously work your abs, back, and hamstrings. Check out pics for all these exercises on the Women’s Health magazine website in an article called “Get Fab Abs.”

Bonus: I’ve got another WH workout page that’ll give you almost a dozen downloadable abs (and non-abs) workouts that you can do at home, with or with props/machines. Check ‘em out!

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