Teenage Boy Abs Workout Question?

I am 13 and not yet able to go to a gym so I was wondering what a few good exercises are. I need to be able to do these ab exercises at home. I am not worrying about arm muscles or leg muscles. Please help!
I am still going through puberty so i don’t want to over do it. I’m not in to fat-to-flab.
I am skinny so I don’t need to loose weight. I just want to workout my abs. Maybe get a 6 pack.


#1 Jae

do about 50 situps a day or u can just laugh alot

#2 Mike V

Hey, I was in the same boat as ya a while back. Id just like to start off by saying its best to build the strength in your abs before you that popping ab look. Heres the routine I use to do hope it helps ya. :)

1) 4 sets( aka the number of times ull do a certain amount of reps in case ya dont know) of 50 situps. keep ur knees at a 45 degrees so keep ur butt not too close to ur heels but far enough.

2) In between sets of situps make sure ur not just sitting there gotta keep the blood flowing and keep the pump strong. So in between sets do 15 crunches….but make sure they are 1 sec up and 3 secs going down. and plz make sure ya feel it in ur abs not ur neck. If ur neck hurts then ya are pulling on it when going up. Not good just so ya know.

3) flutter kicks….hold ur feet out straight like boards then move them up and down. just like ya would if ya were on ur back in the pool kicking ur feet? hope that makes sense. but the whole point here is to not let ur feet touch the ground for 15- 30 secs depending on how much ya can handle. Do 4 sets of this.

By now you should have a burn in ur abs if you are correctly performing them.

4) Now for lower abs do leg raises. how you do these is lay down on the floor with ur hands under ur butt for support. put ur legs straight out like boards again. then pick up both legs at the same time til u look like a L then let them slowly down. Again dont let them touch then ground. do this movement for 4 sets of 15

so now u have worked the upper mid and lower abs so u should have a good pump in the core. If ya dont then do it again. I hope this helps ya if ya have questions feel free to ask :) have fun training.

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