SparkPeople’s Butt Blasting Workout (6 minutes)

From, a BUTT WORKOUT with our own Coach Nicole! Coach Nicole demonstrates this 6 minute butt workout. These exercises target the gluteus maximus to retain strength and muscle tone.


#1 111springmaus111

how do you call this workout?

#2 kmarx123

I’ve only done this for a week and I can already tell a difference. This is unbelievable and I’m doing it twice a day now. There needs to be a part II!! Thanks so much for posting this for everyone to use!

#3 anactivator

When I first start to do this exercise, it was a bit hard to Not stop during the video. But now I enjoy it :) .

#4 nightmare9anatomy

I just realized that SparkPeople has a youtube account, and … well, of course, I had to try a few. I just did the 10 Minute Kickboxing Cardio, the 10 Minute Hips & Thighs work-out, and now this, and wow … that was pretty intense. I’m looking forward to using these videos! Especially in the winter when I can’t run, haha. :) Thank you!

#5 samer737

18 unintentionally clicks on “dislike”

#6 judykaywilson

Very Good, Nicole-exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t find at all by surfing the Internet, until, at last, I found this video!

#7 thenameisdream

after i do this i cant even stand up XD its really good and i feel it XD

#8 MinaSweets123

This burns my booty cheeks! LOL :-D Not only does this tone my booty, but it really tones my thighs!!!

#9 pamelapap

i love u Nicole . u get me hot and sweaty with ur workouts! :-)

#10 Rileismommy

Wow! This really works those muscles! Thank you!!!

#11 SzantoKatalin

I would like to thank you Nicole, 5 weeks after delivery I started this program, doing it every day + the 8min abs.. with a newborn this 6 minutes and 8 minutes is really the maximum time what I can have for workout a day, but I already fit in some of my old jeans ;-) and all this within 2 weeks, without special diet..
many thanks :) great job!

#12 SocalGhurl13

Does this excersice just tone your butt or does it tone it and make it bigger??

#13 SocalGhurl13

Does this excersice just tone your butt or does it tone it and makes it bigger??

#14 vupadown

Lol all I kept sayin was shyt…o shyt…lol ..great workout…thx…

#15 DoLoliitares

@EvelleAngel6 I only have to do this vid every day during 6 months to notice results ? ^^ really ?

#16 sparkpeople

@EvelleAngel6 Hmmmm good suggestion! I will add that to the list! Check out our other lower body and booty workouts though–there are a few other ones on our channel page.

#17 007marcusrobinson

love this… :)

#18 Henrita6

how long i need to do this that i would see changes?

#19 karlalebasi

@sparkpeople so this exercise is to tone and not make it bigger??

#20 HoonaBanoona


#21 carroll1956

How do I get a ’rounder’ butt….my butt is flat and I would like it rounder. Do you do more reps, or add weights or what? Sparkpeople please reply!!

#22 EvelleAngel6

This is a great workout. I have done this video every other day for the last 6 months and have noticed a great difference! :) Although I love this workout, I am getting a bit bored with the same routine… will there be a butt blasting 2 vid anytime soon?

#23 ozayyyyxx

this is great!!! i’m a student and i can’t reely afford to go to classes anymore but this i find is even more effective has given my mornings s boost xx

#24 Tigerpiccolo101

How can you instruct and breathe without panting?!! LOL

#25 Bubbles48094

I rllly felt the burn thanx I’m getting compliments all the time from ur videos

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