six pack abs workout ?

i’m 13 year old, (boy) i’m trying to get a six pack.
should i workout my abs every day, every other day or how many days a week for fastest results ?


#1 Mr. Angry

dinner table pushups

in other words getting a 6 pack is all about dieting and losing fat

#2 Aan

you are only 13, you don’t need a six pack. all you need to worry about is staying active and eating right. remember to drink milk and take vitamins. always listen to you mama. be a good boy.

#3 tennislover

its all about your diet.. eat more protein and less carbs

#4 k t

Every other day. you need to let your abs recover. Muscles grow when your resting. For the fastest results? Hmmm. This workout works for me.
1.) Normal crunch position- Rest your fingers gently behind your neck, as if you were supporting your neck. Make sure no to use your hands. Use your abs to list your shoulders off the ground.

2.) Cross legged- Put one foot on top of your other knee raised upward. Now with the opposite elbow, touch the elbow with the knee. Rest your other hand behind your head(Do no use your hand to help you). Put your other hand on your stomach. Focus on using your abs, not your neck. Switch other side.

3.) Lye flat on your back, both hands behind your head. Now raise your both your fee off the ground until you form a 90degree angle with our knee and butt. Now lift your lower back off the ground keeping that angle.

Do 3 sets of each, if your starting off maybe reps of 7-10 work your way up.

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