Six pack abs workout in a few months?

I’m a 13 year old boy that is about a quarter way through puberty (according to my doctor) and i want to get 6 pack abs for an end of the year school trip my whole grade will be going to. It’s in about 3 months and by then i will hopefuly have a 6 pack. Right now i am 5,5 and i weigh 115 my BMI is fine and my arms are pretty strong. I don’t need to lose any weigh but i would like to strengthen my core. My first question is every other night i do 2 sets of 35 quality pushups and 2 sets of 25 crunches (head facing the cealing 1 to the left one to the right one to the middle = 1) is this enough if i want to have a 6 pack in 3 months? I have been doing this workout routined for about a month and havent seen any derastic changes but i keep doing it. I also have basketball 3 times a week. My second question is what other workouts can i do or try to strengthen my core and get 6 pack abs? And lastly are there any MAJOR food products i should be staying away from? Overall i’m a very healthy eater i always have whole weat everything, avoid excess sugar, never eat fats food, pizza once a month and get in great loads of protein. Thankyou for your answers!!



Better to get 24 pack (of VB)

#2 P3iiGHTON-L3ii

yeah i think u will get a six pack soon buddy. :o )

#3 HLW777

Ya, can be done. There are many products on the internet. You just need to do Google search for it.

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