six pack abs?????!!?!? good workout? bad workout for six pack abs?

Good six pack abs workout?
4-8 o’clock
4:00 stationary bike for 10 minutes
4:10 8 minute abs routine on youtube
4:20 haha 4:20. 4:20 kinda feels relaxing if u get me so break time
4:30 10 minutes on stationary bike
4:40 weight lifting 5 pound weights. 200 curls each arm
4:50 8 minute abs workout video again
5:00 10 minute walk around street
5:10 break
5:20 10 minutes on stationary bike
5:30 1 minute of plank with 5 reps
5:40 supper
5:50 supper
6:00 supper
6:10 off to gym
6:20 arrive at gym
6:30 play badminton
6:40 badminton
6:50 badminton
7:00 badminton
7:10 eleptical trainer
7:20 eleptical trainer
7:30 eleptical trainer
7:40 50 reps of 30 pound chest presses
7:50 walk around track
8:00 treadmill
This also consists of 1 glass of water each half hour which gives me 8 glasses of water. I drink no soda or junk food and get a healthy 8 hours of sleep. i am on a low calorie diet and am cut to 1,500 calories a day. I am 13 years of age, 5 foot 1 and 108 pounds wanting six pack bas. I am very athletic and have lots of energy in me. Is this a good wrokout for me? How long does it take to see results. I also do this workout 6 times a week and take Thursday off. i actually have no social life rite now since I’m at my grandmas who’s 2000 km away from my hometown and everyone heres a fag. I was thinking I could do this for a month and get six pack abs once I come back to see my life so I can have my abs along with have a social life and not just be working out my whole life. And I don’t have school rite now since I’m so far away from it and homework only takes bout an hour.




#2 Andrew A

You are absolutely over training. PERIOD. You are much too young to be concerned with Six pack abdominals. Your testosterone levels alone are going to help you with this if you train properly and efficiently as you grow. but you are at an age where you absolutely NEED the proper caloric intake. With a plan such as the one you have written you are going to not only fail, but you are going to cause bodily harm to yourself.

You have to ask yourself why you want this in order to know why it is not what you need at this time in your life.

If you want to get in shape you have to consume more calories not less but you must be able to allocate your time efficiently. At this time in your life you absolutely MUST PAY ATTENTION TO HOW YOUR BODY WORKS BEFORE DOING SUCH RECKLESS FITNESS ROUTINES.

I simply can not offer any advice on the subject because it’s simply not a responsible way to allocate your time at this moment in your existence. Be more concerned with having fun and playing sports and getting out thee and having a social life so that you can see that what you want is due to a lack of understanding of that really matters in life, young man.

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