Sidney Wilson The Solution Challeges The Situation Who has better Abs

Twitter SID_NYC_Trainer Who has better abs the situation or me the solution


#1 rens353

this is unfair… the situation has to go get tann 3 times a week… you have more free time!

#2 MMAstarter

Sidney only one question,do you have some programme for chest muscles?? thx

#3 MMAstarter

that is not the point,they are diagonal because it is his genetics,and no matter,they are really for respect!

#4 katanalol51

how long did u workout for ????? i mean years ?

#5 leeandrobyn

I think your much more ripped than Mike. Your whole core is thick. I think the haters leaving rude comments should appreciate you sharing techniques. I mean, why else would people be watching a work out video? Unless they are trying to learn something from someone who has seen positive results like yourself.

#6 Significanto

@SidneyWilson4 You can’t control if your abs are aligned or not, it’s genetic.

#7 juanleal1992

hay bro , that workout you just did , how many sets do you do ? and how many diffrent ab workouts do you recommend

#8 SidneyWilson4

Hey guys I honestly wish I did not work out for abs but I do. Yes black people body looks better because we are have dark skin complexion that makes you look more defined. There are guys out there with better abs and I don’t get mad I just keep training and doing my best

#9 lordOFbrooklyn

your abs are decent, but not fantastic. they are a bit lopsided, but i know that’s genetics and there’s nothing you can do about that. and quite honestly, putting up a video of your abs on youtube and challenging some guido celebrity to see whos are better is pretty weak, insecure, immature, and downright pathetic.

#10 SouthPawKingOC


#11 MrGuiger

Unless You drink 6pack

#12 dixie11

Get over it man, your job is to literally work-out..anybody who disciplines themselves and dedicated their time to a gym, has the ability and potential to develop a great physique

#13 iDudeMapex

I WANT TO BE YOU, how long will that take if im 15 and currently training right ?

#14 DoryokuFiripin

You win! Hands down! You have enough packs to fill up a bar.

#15 sketchley80

*sigh* – I could watch this ALL day! WTF with everyone goin’ on about this dude’s abs not being straight?
Whatever…you evidently work hard and they look great – hot stuff! ;)
I much prefer Sid the Solution :)
(Screw the situation) – your EVERYTHING is better baby!
Ima pass this on to all my girls :)
(I did say I love…to watch…a good ab work out right? with some gorgeous hot chocolate mmmmmm) :)
Keep up the great work!

#16 rhcpguitarar

People need to stop hating on his abs because they’re not straight. It’s called genetics. While he busts his ass to get those amazing, perfectly fine looking abs, you people sit on your ass and blame your genetics for not even having abs.

#17 theBrownman28

lol hes got a five pack

#18 562ole

@Scubafish24 my buddy took creatine and his kidneys got messed up a bit and he started pissing blood, just like a few of my other friends, i guess they didnt drink enough water thats probably why, maybe they developed kidney stones because dehydration does that, i think i was thinking of black powder some suppliment my friend uses he told me u have to cycle of of that one because it ends up being bad for you cause your body will get use to it and it will take a higher dose for it to work same

#19 Scubafish24

@562ole there is no need to cycle with creatine, your body doesn’t “get used to it” and it is hardly bad on the kidneys you only need about 3-5 grams per day, and you need water not because its bad for your kidneys but because creatine makes your muscles absorb more water which is why you look more pumped, and if u didn’t get adequate water ud just be dehydrated not pissing blood.

#20 Monsterenergy791

You got the Sitch beat Mr. Solution. The person who said your abs are diagonal, it kinda looks like it in the video, but not many people have abs like yours because most people don’t even have visible abdominals, let alone a full 6-pack.

#21 iNoXpLodE

‘You can work abs everyday’ Moron……NO you cant and definitely shouldnt.

#22 rubberflexx

Hey sidney i would like to speak to you 1 on 1 if possible is there any way we can contact ? thanks

#23 dadoz2k

What’s your full ab routine? And how often do you work out your abs?

You’re massive, keep up the good work mate!

#24 Reignunlimited

@SidneyWilson4 .. You must be livin in a bubble if you beleive that .. if you can fit your head into a bubble that is.

#25 MrMirza1991


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